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A Passion 


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A Passion 
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Lasell College 

The Power of International Service Learning 

Dear Lasell Alumni and Friends: 

I would like to share with you an important example of how your future support of the 
College could help transform our institution by transforming the lives of our students. 

Some eight years ago, Associate Professor of English Stephanie Athey, who oversees 
our Honors Program, started the Mexico Shoulder to Shoulder Program, a service- 
learning trip in which she and other faculty members accompany 12 students for one 
week to help build a better life for impoverished people in the Veracruz region of 
Mexico. In accordance with our Strategic Plan, we have in recent years offered three 
additional trips, with the newest one starting this year: a journey to the jungles of the 
Amazon. When our students return from these service-oriented visits to Ecuador, 
Nicaragua, Brazil or Mexico, it is obvious that their lives have been transformed 
forever (see pages 4-5). They are more mature. They are more serious about their 
studies and their professional aspirations. Their passions for both learning and 
community service have blossomed into full flower. These students bring their 
experiences with them back into the classroom, enriching subsequent academic 
life not only for themselves but for other students as well. 


Approximately 40 students will participate in service-learning trips this year; another 
20 are slated for academically-oriented trips to France or China, and as many as 80 will 
take a semester to study abroad. Having observed the accelerated growth in students 
who have these international experiences, I cannot help but wonder what the effect 
would be if we could offer such opportunities to every Lasell student. What would 
be the impact on our institution if international learning experiences became a central 
part of the core Lasell academic experience? What would it do for our identity? What 
would it do for our reputation? What would it do for the marketing of the College? 
How would it affect our attractiveness in the admissions process? It's obvious to me 
that the answers to all these questions would likely be positive. 

To achieve such a thing would require resources. Resources to plan and execute trips, 
to hire the staff to administer such an extensive program and to fund the financial aid 
to subsidize students who could not pay the incremental costs on their own. To fulfill 
such a dream would require the support of foundations or government funding or the 
inspired gift of one or more friends. 

The point I'm trying to make is that at Lasell your philanthropy, your energy and 
your support can make a powerful difference in improving the student experience. 
I thank you for what you have done, for what you are doing and for what you will 
do in the future. 



lasell Leaves •Spring 201 1 

Michael B.Alexander 

Senator Scott Brown to Speak at Commencement 

US Senator Scott Brown, the Republican junior senator from 
Massachusetts, will deliver the keynote address at Lasell's 
1 57th commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 1 5. 

A member of the Senate Committees on Armed Services, 
Veterans' Affairs, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Brown 
represented the Ninth Norfolk District in the State Legislature 
prior to his 2010 election to the US Senate. 

At the 1 1 am Lasell ceremony, Brown will also receive an 
honorary doctorate of humane letters. 


4 Service Learning Goes Global 
6 David Mclnnis '03 On Message 

12 Lasell's First Lady Off Stage 

18 In Fashion with Nara Paz '09 

20 Laser Lights 

22 How Green Is My Campus? 

26 Village Voice Paul Broadnax 

29 Class Notes 

44 Reunion Weekend! 

Leaves Spring 201 1 

_ Lasell College 


'3 ■.":.- ^tjfc Big Mar 

en C^-pui JH| ^B in Business' 

Vice President 

for Institutional Advancement 

Ruth S. Shuman 


Diane Carasik Dion 


Contributing Editor 

Michelle Gaseau 

Class Notes Editor 

Emily Alter 

Director of Support Services 

Jeanne A. Johnsen '72 


Emmalyn Anderson '1 1 
Ana Shores "13 

On the Cover 

David Mclnnis '03: 
Lasell success story. 


David Carlson 
James Collins 
Michelle Gaseau 
Stewart Woodward 


Kenneally Creative 
Arlington, MA 


Kirkwood Printing 
Wilmington, MA 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

On Location: Chelsea Comeau '08 
practices reading with a student in 
Nicaragua, shares a smile in Peru and 
greets a feathered friend in Mexico. 


Chelsea Comeau '08 Reflects on Life-Changing Lasell Trips 

Like many first-year students at 
Lasell, when Chelsea Comeau '08 
arrived on campus she had not 
ventured far beyond New England, 
let alone considered her place in a 
global community. 

But that all changed once she 
discovered Lasell's eclectic slate of 
community service opportunities both 
inside and outside the United States. 

"These trips changed my perspective. 
I suppose I had never really seen myself 
as a world citizen — Mainer, sure. 
American, I guess. But never as an 
active member of the world with a 
responsibility that extends beyond 
political borders," says Comeau, whose 
life and career have been altered by 
those formative experiences at Lasell. 

From her first trips through Lasell's 
Center for Community-Based Learning, 
where she helped build a Habitat for 
Humanity house in Florida, to her last 
service trip to Nicaragua with Shoulder 
to Shoulder, where she built water 

filters and supported literacy efforts for 
citizens in San Juan del Sur, Comeau 
saw firsthand the hardships and poverty 
others in the world faced. 

She says it was her maiden international 
trip to Mexico as a sophomore that 
opened her eyes wide. 

"At the time I felt rather guilty about 
my naivete; but now I'm just grateful 
that I was given the opportunity to 
learn about the poverty of Mexico and 
other third-world countries," she says. 

The English major had planned to teach 
high-school English upon graduation, 
until the impact of those service trips 
began to sink in. 

"After a while I realized that what I 
really wanted to do was teach youth to 
care — whether it was about literature or 
world issues," Comeau says. 

Last year, while teaching on the 
island of St. John, Comeau felt 
compelled to enlighten her students 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

"It seems that the ideas of human rights should be 
blended into every aspect of education at every level 
Maybe then we can begin to live in a just world." 

about the struggles of their Haitian 
neighbors following the destructive 
earthguake there. 

Her class worked with others to send 
a large supply container to the small 
Island of La Vaca, off the coast of 
Port Au Prince. As a teacher, it was 
the first time she was able to directly 
engage her students in service 
learning activities. 

"It seems that the ideas of human 
rights should be blended into every 
aspect of education at every level," 
Comeau adds. "Maybe then we can 
begin to live in a just world." 

Now, she finds herself between 
volunteer teaching stints in Pisco, Peru 
through a program called Pisco Sin 
Fronteras — created after an earthquake 
leveled that city three years ago. The 
opportunity was right up her alley 
because the participants build homes 
and teach English "on the side." 

After this, Comeau has her sights set on 
graduate work at the University of San 
Francisco studying International and 
Multicultural Education with a focus 
on Human Rights. 

Comeau hopes the program will help 
her realize the dream of merging 
teaching and service as a career. 

"Every decision I have made regarding 
jobs and where to live has been guided 
by the lessons I learned from my service 
experiences at Lasell," Comeau says. 
"I have no idea what type of person 
I would have become if I had not had 
the opportunity to not only travel to 
Mexico and Nicaragua, but also to sit 
in on Lasell classes taught by professors 
like Stephanie Athey, Joseph Aieta, or 
Dennis Frey." 

International Service 
Learning Programs 

Explore the Environment of 

earn one credit while studying 
Ecuador's culture overwinter, 
break. The 10-day trip teaches 
students to help protect the 
country's biologically diver 

Mexico Shoulder to Shoulder 

This four-credit course provides 
students with two weeks of 
ground study and service in 
Mexico, and includes home stays 
with Mexican families, intensive 

manual labor and reflective 

intellectual work. 


Nicaragua Shoulder to Sh 

involves a spring trip to San Juan 
Del Sur, Nicaragua, where 
students can volunteer alongsid 
community members. Students 
are also required to create a 
related academic component 
for one of their spring courses. 

Ecotourism in Brazil is a 

one-week on-the-ground 
service-based experience 
related to ecotourism in Brazil, 
specifically in the Amazon region. 
Students take educational trips 
to learn about the ecosystem 
and the many plant and animal 
species in the region, and 
visit local communities an 
non-government organiz. 
that are helping sustain tl 
economy of the Amazonian locals. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 



At Ease: Mclnnis '03 back on campus 

David Carlson photo 



1 ."j 

David Mclnnis '03 

A Business Success 
Launched at Lasell 

A small dynamic college. 

That's what Farmingdale, Long Island high-school 
senior David Mclnnis '03 was looking for in 1999. 
And once Lasell reached his radar, he knew he'd 
found it. 

"Lasell was going through a transformation at 
that time, and I realized I could influence the 
direction of an incredibly historic institution," 
he says. Couple that with the warm welcome 
Mclnnis received when visiting campus, and the 
decision to opt for a Lasell education seemed 
a natural. 

From the beginning, he found Lasell "a place 
of low ego and high respect," he tells Leaves, 
"that values the individuality of its students." 
Mclnnis was confident the College would 
be an environment "where I'd be encouraged 
to contribute." 

who I was and how, by thinking logically, I could 
influence where I was going." And likewise gives 
nods to Athletic Director Kristy Walter and 
Giovanni Pacini and Tim Dunton "who coached 
me on sport, life and leadership, emphasizing 
that nothing great comes without hard work, 
discipline and loyalty." 

Mclnnis began his business consulting career in 
Boston, moved to New York to work for Adecco, 
followed up with a stint as an assistant VP at 
Wachovia Corporation and currently is an 
executive search consultant at the New York 
offices of Leathwaite International, a London- 
based global executive search firm. For now, he 
and his wife, Jessica, a middle-school guidance 
counselor, are savoring life on Manhattan's 
Upper East Side with their Wheaten Terrier, 
Rufus. The next Mclnnis chapter is likely to be 
"a move out of the city to start a family and 
breathe some clean air." 

And contribute he did — and does. 

A Business Administration major, Mclnnis credits 
the wide-ranging educational foundation he got 
at Lasell with enriching his perspective and critical 
thinking skills — and setting him on a positive 
path for life. 

As an undergrad, he played varsity soccer and 
lacrosse, was senior class president and launched 
the student newspaper, The 1851 Chronicle. 
He gives special shout-outs to Professors Jeff 
Corcoran, David Carlson, Becky Kennedy, Malini 
Pillai, Steve Bloom and Joe Aieta "who taught me 
to peel back the layers of where I came from, 

As a new Lasell Trustee (see page 14), Mclnnis' 
priorities are to influence a culture of giving 
among younger alums, focus on improving 
student-alumni engagement and offer 
"perspective from someone who lived at Lasell 
in its four-year coeducational incarnation." 
He is passionate about the importance of giving 
back to his alma mater in terms of time, energy 
(including annual appearances at the reunion 
alumni athletic games) and financial support, 
"because Lasell is where I started to spread my 
wings and become who I am today." 

"When you support the College," Mclnnis tells 
Leaves, "the gift gives back to you personally." 

"Lasell was going through a transformation at 
that time, and I realized I could influence the 
direction of an incredibly historic institution." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Auburndale 02466 




Recent books and scholarly journal publications by Lasell College 
faculty include a rich roster of titles and topics, among them: 

Joseph Aieta, Professor of Humanities 

• "Islam: Cultural Transmitter and/or Cultural Dictator?" 
in The European Mind: Narrative and Identity, Malta 
University Press, 2010. 

Bradford Allen, Associate Professor of Mathematics 

• "Balancing Cost and Precision in Hospital Accountability 
Sampling" in Journal for Healthcare Quality, Wiley 
InterScience, Perla, R.J. and Allen, B.D., 2010. 

Richard Bath, Associate Professor of Fashion 

• Wrote and presented the winning Community Public 
Service Project in the Mark Twain Masonic Awareness 
Award, 2010. 

Steven Bloom, Professor of English 

• "Eugene O'Neill" chapter in The Oxford Handbook 
of American Drama, Ed. Jeffrey H. Richards, Oxford 
University Press, 201 1 . 

Linda Bucci, Associate Professor of Legal Studies 

• "A Case In Point: How a European Nation and its 
Immigrant Muslim Population May Work Together 
Despite Differing Views on Issues of Criminal Law with 
Respect to Women" in The European Mind: Narrative 
and Identity (Volume 1), Ed. Henry Frendo., Malta 
University Press, 2010. 

Kenneth Calhoun, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design 

• "Nightblooming" (winner of the 201 1 PEN/O. Henry 
Prize for Short Fiction) in New Stories from the South: 
The Year's Best 2010, Algonquin Books. 

Gary Donato, Lecturer in History/Government 

• Book reviews: "The Atlantic Century: Four Generations 
of Extraordinary Diplomats who Forged America's Vital 
Alliance with Europe" by Kenneth Weisbrode for Choice 
Review, September 2010. 

• "Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and 
The Fight for Lincoln's Legacy" by David O. Stewart for 
Choice Review, March 2010. 

• "Ronald Reagan and the House Democrats: Gridlock, 
Partisanship, and the Fiscal Crisis" by Karl Gerard Brandt 
for Choice Review, February 2010. 

Kimberly Farah, Professor of Chemistry 

• "201 The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act 
(TURA): An Innovative Strategy for Reducing Urban 
Environmental Pollution" (with M. Ansaldi) for Procedia 
Environmental Sciences, 201 1 . 

Dennis Frey, Associate Professor of History 

• "Aufgeklarte Toleranz — German Identity and Islam 
During an Age of Globalism" in The European Mind: 
Narrative and Identity, Vols. I and II, Malta University 
Press, 2010. 

Charlene Geary, Lecturer in Business Administration 

• "Estate Management and Preventive Maintenance: How 
to Maintain Your Home So It's Ready to Sell at Anytime" 
for B&G Publishing Group, 2010. 

Hortense Gerardo, Assistant Professor of Anthropology 
and Humanities 

• "Model Behavior" and "The Dress Rehearsal" for The 
Seven Deadly Sins: A Collection of New Plays, Salem, NH 
Ghostlight Theater Publication, 2010. 

• "The Dramatist" for The Journal of the Dramatists' Guild 
of America, Inc., Boston. 

Elizabeth Hartmann, Assistant Professor of Education 

• "Understanding Teachers' Self-Efficacy to Support 
Children with Deaf-Blindness" for AER Journal: Research 
and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, 201 0. 

• "A Survey of Parents of Children with Cortical or 
Cerebral Visual Impairment (with B. Jackel and M. 
Wilson) for The Journal of Visual Impairment and 
Blindness, 2010. 

• "Curriculum Recommendations for Inclusive Teacher 
Education" (with four co-authors) for The International 
Journal of Whole Schooling, 201 0. 

Dana Janbek, Assistant Professor of Public Relations 

• "Telecenter Web Portals in Latin American and Arab 
Nations: A Comparative Analysis" (with Paola Prado) 
for The Journal of Community Informatics, 201 1 . 

Rebecca Kennedy, Associate Professor of English 

• "When Spring" and four other poems for Iodine 
Poetry Journal, Nimrod International Journal 53 
and PI a in songs, 2010. 

Margo Lemieux, Associate Professor of Art 
and Graphic Design 

• Review: "The Lisbeth Zwerger Exhibition at the Eric Carle 
Museum" for The Society of Children's Book Writers & 
Illustrators News, August 201 0. 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 


Tessa Le Roux, Associate Professor of Sociology 

• Book review: "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by 
Rebecca Skloot for The Journal of Family Theory and 
Review, published by the National Council on Family 
Relations, New York: Crown Publishers, March 2011. 

Marsha Mirkin, Associate Professor of Psychology 

• "Hearing Student Voices: Developing Diversity Sensitivity 
and Humility on a College Campus" (with five Lasell 
alumni co-authors) for The American Family Therapy 
Monograph, Winter 2010. 

• "Elijah's Ghost: A Female Jewish Therapist Explores 
the Legacy of Love, Fear, Social Action, and Faith" 
for Women and Therapy: A Feminist Quarterly, 201 0. 

• "Issues of Power in the Training of Mental Health 
Professionals at the Undergraduate Level" for 

E. Pinderhughes and V. Jackson Untitled Text on 
theme of power in the training of mental health 
professionals, 2010. 

Joann Montepare, Professor of Psychology 

• "New Work, New Stories: A Community Program to 
Empower Older Adults Seeking Encore Careers" (with 
four co-authors) for The International Conference on 
Positive Aging, 2010. 

• Book review: "Aging and Time: Multidisciplinary 
Perspectives" for The International Quarterly of 
Community Health Education, 2010. 

• "Cue, View, Action: An Ecological Approach to Person 
Perception" in E. Balecitis and G.D. Lassiter (Eds.) for 
The Social Psychology of Visual Perception, 201 0. 

Michelle Niestepski, Assistant Professor of English 

• Instructor's Resource Manual (with two co-authors) to 
accompany The Longman Handbook for Writers and 
Readers, 6th ed., 2010. 

Jennifer Ostrowski, Assistant Professor 
of Athletic Training 

• "Fourth Cranial Nerve Palsy in a Collegiate Lacrosse 
Player: A Case Report" for The Journal of Athletic 
Training, 2010. 

• "The ATEP-Educated Athletic Trainer: Educational 
Satisfaction and Technique Use within the Psychosocial 
Intervention and Referral Content Area" (with J.J. 
Hamson-Utley) for The Athletic Training Education 
Journal, 2010. 

Lizbeth Halliday Piel, Assistant Professor of History 

• "Loyal Dogs and Meiji Boys: The Controversy Over 
Japan's First Children's Story" for Children's Literature 38, 
May 2010. 

• Book review: "Children as Treasures: Childhood and the 
Middle Class in Early Twentieth-Century Japan" by Mark 
A. Jones for The Journal of the History of Childhood and 
Youth 4, March 2011. 

LeLaina Romero, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

• "Psychological Interventions in the Context of Poverty: 
Participatory Action Research as Practice" (with L. Smith) 
for The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 2010. 

Ed Sieh, Associate Professor of Justice Studies 

• "Philosophical Underpinnings of Community 
Corrections" for The Encyclopedia of Community 
Corrections, 201 1. 

Annee Spileos Scott, Lecturer in Art and Graphic Design 

• "A Hellenic Perspective on U.S. Art" for The Athens 
News, July 2010. 

Anh Le Tran, Assistant Professor of Economics 
and Management 

• "Viet-nam Resistant" ("Vietnam's Approach to 
the South China Sea Disputes" written in French) 
for Outre- Terre, 2010. 

• "Vietnam in the East Asian Economic Context" for 
The Saigon Times, June 201 0. 

• "Vietnam: From Transitional State to Asian Tiger?" 
(with F. Gerald Adams) for World Economics 1 1, 2010. 

Melissa Van Hyfte, Assistant Professor of Hospitality 
and Event Management 

• "Defining Visitor Satisfaction in the Context of Camping 
Oriented Nature-Based Tourism — the Driving Force of 
Quality" (with M. O'Neill and K. Riscinto-Kozub) for 
The Journal of Vacation Marketing, 201 0. 

• "A Comparison Study of U.S. and Non-U. S. Education 
Internationalization Practices of Hospitality and Tourism 
Programs (with B. Ayoun and M. O'Neill) for The Journal 
of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 201 1 . 

Brian Wardyga, Assistant Professor of Communication 

• Blog: "Changing Times in Video Production for U.S. 
Innovators," June 2010. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Auburndale 02466 




WBZ Radio's Women's Watch 

program interviewed three Lasell 
personalities in early spring, Paula 
Panchuck, vice president for Lasell 
Village at Lasell College, Joann 
Montepare, director of Lasell's 
RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research 
on Aging and Intergenerational Studies 
and Dana Janbek, assistant professor 
of public relations. 

Lasell basketball player Sean 
Bertanza was featured in Newton 
Patch online in February 201 1 after 
netting 55 points in a single game 
against St. Joseph's College. At the 
time, it was the highest single game 
score for a single NCAA player for 
the season. 

In February 201 1, Fox 25 News at 6 

interviewed Marc Fournier (left), 
Lasell's assistant director of Plant 
Operations and Sustainability, about 
one of Lasell's newest green efforts: 
turning used cooking oil from 
Valentine Dining hall into heating 
oil for local shelters. 

Professor Hector Iweka and members 
of two business classes received 
mention in an article by the Allston- 
Brighton Tab for their involvement 
in the Allston-Brighton Community 
Development Corporation's 30th 
anniversary gala in December 2010. 
As part of a connected learning 
project, the students helped plan 
the menu, created slide shows about 
the organization and monitored the 
overall flow of the event. 

The Waltham News Tribune and The 
Boston Globe - Globe West covered 
a unique photography exhibit created 
through a partnership between Lasell 
College and the Waltham Community 
Day Center. Homelessness Through 
Their Eyes, which debuted in Waltham 
last fall, involved Lasell Honors and 
Communication students working 
jointly with Day Center guests who 
took day-in-the-life photos while 
students helped write a narrative. covered the Encore 
Careers Summit held at Lasell College 
in November 2010. The summit was a 
result of a partnership between Lasell's 
RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research 
on Aging and Intergenerational Studies 
and the Newton-based organization 
Discovering What's Next. 

In November 2010, WKRO AM 680 

interviewed Joann Montepare, 

director of Lasell's RoseMary B. Fuss 
Center for Research on Aging and 
Intergenerational Studies, about the 
Encore Careers Summit. 

Lasell Fashion alum Nara Paz '09 

(see page 18) received coverage in 
The Boston Globe and on 
for her evening gown design (pictured 
above) worn by Boston TV personality 
Gail Huff, wife of Massachusetts 
US Senator Scott Brown, to a White 
House holiday party. 

In September 2010, The Boston Globe 

featured a lengthy obituary of Donald 
Winslow, former Lasell historian and 
archivist and son of previous Lasell 
President Guy Winslow. The Globe 
coverage appeared on the same day 
as a memorial service held on campus. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Double Take? Yes, that's Barack Obama's 
main man David Axelrod with Lasell Village 
honcho Paula Panchuck. In March, Axelrod 
visited his mother, Village resident Myril Bennett, 
and gave an informal talk to a rapt crowd. 


you for 



h Avenue 


1844 Com 

Your gift makes a ( 
Thank you 




.- Ttitrino ^^ 

- delta Villa fttalt _ 

Hortense Gerardo 


On and 
Off Stage 

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Humanities 
Hortense Gerardo's primary scholarly focus is on "the 
intersection of artistic identity and economic survivability," 
and her personal and professional interests signal that 
diversity. She holds a BA in Biology, an MA in Anthropology 
and a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Performance Studies, 
all from Boston University; her dissertation was on the 
economic vulnerability of dancers as seen through the lens 
of a cultural anthropologist. An accomplished playwright 
and screenwriter, Gerardo is the recipient of numerous 
artist grants, residencies and professional development 
awards, her work produced by theater and independent 
film companies in this country and abroad — from La Mama 
in New York to international festivals in Italy. Leaves caught 
up with the dynamic professor as she was conducting 
rehearsals for the College's spring theatrical production, 
Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. 

Hortense Gerardo in action. 

• Why is Lasell such a good fit for 
you? The College provides a creative 
and supportive environment for 
students, faculty and senior residents 
to engage in academic and artistic 
exploration — a rare combination that 
speaks to my worldview. 

• Your list of professional and 
service activities, presentations, 
publications and exhibitions is 
remarkable. How do you juggle 
it all? My loved ones remind me to 
breathe, laugh and stay hydrated! 

• As the College's theatrical 
advisor in residence you also 
managed to produce Lasell's 
ambitious student musical 
production. Cabaret, last fall. There 
was a steep learning curve for me, 
working with such a large cast, crew 
and musicians. In the end, the hard 
work paid off. We surprised ourselves 
in a good way. 

• What books are currently on 
your night table? Philip Roth's 
American Pastoral, John Updike's 
Couples and Peter La Salle's Tell Borges 
If You See Him. 

• All-time favorite films? Fourhand, 
The Philadelphia Story, Casablanca, 
Wings of Desire, Annie Hall and 

Dr. Strangelove. 

• Other passions? I consider myself 
very fortunate in that my interests — 
travel, theater, film and dance — also 
happen to be an integral part of my 
academic work. 

• You are particularly engaged 
by writing and playwriting that 
deals with "ethnicity and power 
relations." Being a first-generation 
Asian Pacific Islander American, my 
academic inquiries are an ongoing 
attempt to understand how someone 
like me fits into a world whose 
determinants of power are social 

class, race, gender and religion — 
whether from an evolutionary, societal 
or highly personal point of view. And 
to understand how I can help make 
the world a better place by the time 
I depart. 





Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Animal lover 
Dog trainer 

, . ■ -; ; ' ■ -■:■■-■ ., ■'■/,'.. . . ■ -■ 

Stewart Woodward photo 

Mary Barbara Alexander 

Actress, activist, animal lover, dog trainer, 
vocalist, equestrian. 

With diverse interests and an equally diverse 
background, the wife of Lasell's ninth President 
is playing her latest role with flair. In this current 
chapter of her life, Mary Barbara Ciardelli 
Alexander has embraced all the 
duties that come with the First 
Lady title, adding a few 
that are distinctly her own. 

In addition to expected 

attendance at major events 

and on fundraising trips, Mary 

Barbara Alexander has put her 

professional and academic 

credentials to work at Lasell. 

As a board member of Population 

Connection, she has taught 

undergrads about population 

stabilization; she has also 

welcomed pre-schoolers to 

the Alexander Sherborn farm to meet the 

family's pony, and given young Lasell actors 

a workshop on dialects. 

"I enjoy working with students to experience 
their sheer energy," Alexander tells Leaves. 
"Once they open up, you can see the lightbulbs 
going on. It's so gratifying to watch them 
develop from uncertain teenagers to confident 
young women and men." 

Leaves recently caught up with Lasell's First 
Lady, as she discussed global population issues 
with Professor Michael Daley's Geography class 
on campus and simultaneously prepared for a 
trip with the President to Turkey, Switzerland 
and Ireland to explore possible partnerships 
for the College. 

At Home: Lasell's First Lady on the farm 

"I enjoy working with students 
to experience their sheer energy.' 

Alexander took a circuitous route to Lasell, including years 
in New York and Los Angeles pursuing an acting career, 
environmental conservation work in Massachusetts during 
the first Dukakis administration and, before that, studying 
primate communication while pondering a career in veterinary 
medicine. She completed a graduate degree in Zoology from 
Ohio State University before the west coast beckoned. 

"I decided that I really liked working in 
television and film, and that was the 
impetus to go to L.A.," says Alexander 
of the couple's Hollywood stint. 
"Michael and I went there for a 
three-week vacation and ended up 
staying for more than three years." 

With memorable roles — including 
a pregnant (she was!) travel agent on 
One Day at a Time, when she worked 
with actress Valerie Bertinelli and hung 
out with her rock star husband Eddie 
Van Halen; a part in the prime-time 
soap Dangerous Women, where she 
scored some amazing costumes and clothing, and playing 
a Klingon on Star Trek Voyager in its final TV season — the 
decision to return to Massachusetts was a tough one. 
But, "supporting each others' careers" is intrinsic to their 
relationship, she says. 

Since returning to the Bay State, Alexander has embraced 
local conservation efforts, volunteers for her alma mater 
Smith College, trains the family's Portuguese Water Dogs 
for competition and has resumed training for Julian, their 
American Holsteiner (and great-grandson of Secretariat), 
with daughter Maggie. 

Is this where the Columbus, Ohio native imagined herself at 
this point in her life? 

"I'm not sure I ever had a vision this far ahead," she tells 
Leaves. "Being in the entertainment business makes it difficult 
to know what's going to happen, because 'making it' is so hit 
or miss. I am very happy in my life and have had such a variety 
of experiences; it's almost as if I have starred in my own 
adventure film." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


= Auburndale 02466 

Four New Lasell Trustees Named 

Gerald (Gerry) DeRoche, 

chief executive officer of 
Dogs for Deaf and Disabled 
Americans (NEADS), is a former 
partner in KAGE Associates pro 
bono consulting organization, 
a former senior vice president 
at Bank of America and 
executive vice president at 
Fleet Financial Group. His distinguished career 
as a senior executive in a variety of for-profit 
and not-for-profit settings includes extensive 
experience in retail risk management, merger 
and acquisitions integration and developing 
innovative solutions managing large and small 
teams. DeRoche also is a trustee of Emerson 
Umbrella and of the National Braille Press. 
Educated at the Stonier Graduate School of 
Banking in New Jersey, DeRoche holds a BS in 
Marketing from the University of Connecticut 
School of Business Administration and an MBA 
in finance from that university's Graduate School 
of Business Administration. DeRoche and his 
wife Kathleen, who works in real estate 
marketing, have two children and live in 
Concord, MA. 

Susan Rinklin Dunne '82 

grew up in Babylon, New York 
and graduated from Lasell 
College in 1982 with a major 
in Open Studies. She went on 
to earn a BA degree from 
Lynchburg College in 1985. 
Dunne began her career as a 
corporate headhunter at 
Quantum Management Services, a New York 
recruitment firm, where she worked for 10 years 
before retiring to raise three children. A member 
of the Lasell Board of Overseers since 2004, 
Dunne also serves on the board of Children 
Affected by AIDS and is a mentor to at-risk New 
York teenage girls through the Student Sponsor 
Partners program. She and her husband Jimmy 
Dunne live in New York City, where he is senior 
managing principal and co-founder of Sandler 
O'Neill + Partners, an investment banking firm. 

David Mclnnis '03, a 

Farmingdale, NY native, has 
seven years of experience 
leading competency-based 
recruitment of senior 
technologists within the 
financial services industry. 
While earning his BS in 
Business from Lasell, Mclnnis 
was senior class president, played varsity soccer 
and lacrosse, founded and edited the College's 
1 85 1 Chronicle student newspaper and received 
the Lasell Bowl for outstanding contributions 
to campus life. Currently an executive search 
consultant with Leathwaite International, 
a global executive search firm headquartered 
in London, Mclnnis lives on Manhattan's Upper 
East Side with his wife, Jessica, a middle-school 
guidance counselor (see pages 6-7). 

Mark Mendell, co-chairman 
of Cannon Design and 
president of Cannon Design 
International, is recognized 
internationally for his 
significant contributions to 
contemporary architecture. 
Cannon Design is a leading 
global design firm operating 
1 7 offices across the US, Canada, China and 
India, with work in 25 countries in Europe, 
the Middle East and Asia. Mendell holds a BS 
in Architecture from the Rhode Island School 
of Design and a Certificate from the Politecnico 
di Milano. In 2003, he was inducted into the 
College of Fellows of the American Institute 
of Architects and has been a guest lecturer and 
design critic at several colleges of architecture, 
including Cornell University UCLA, MIT and 
RISD, where he has been honored by his alma 
mater as one of RISD's "most distinguished 
graduates." Mendell is the parent of a grown 
son and lives in Weston, MA with his wife 
Raquel Halty, a former professor and chair 
of Modern Languages and Literature at 
Simmons College. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

> . \ > 



tie* an d A« 


Kathryn "Katie" Bryne is Lasell's 
new director of Human Resources. 
Prior to joining the Lasell staff, she 
was director of Human Resources at 
Amherst College for 1 1 years and has 
additional experience in the field at 
Middlebury College, the Research 
Foundation of The City University of 
New York and XTRA Corporation. 
Bryne holds a BA degree, with 
a double major in History and 
Sociology, from the University 
of Wisconsin and an MBA from 
Simmons College Graduate School of 
Management... Krystin Burke joined 
Lasell's Institutional Advancement 
team as data coordinator after 
working from 2004-2010 in the 
Boston College Advancement Office 
as records assistant, staff and 
database assistant and, most recently, 
database analyst. Burke holds a 
BA degree in Corporate Systems 
from BC... Carlton Jones is Lasell's 
new coordinator for Student 
Organizations. Working in the Office 
of Student Activities, Jones oversees 
all student clubs and campus 
organizations and advises the 
Multicultural Student Union, Crew 
Club and Dance Team. He also 
teaches a course in Exploring 
Leadership. Jones holds an MS 
degree in Counseling, with a 
concentration in Student 
Development in Higher Education, 
from Central Connecticut State 
University and a BA in Sociology from 
the University of Connecticut... 

* 6 'e on Cavnp uS 

Mark LaFrance has joined Lasell's 
Institutional Advancement team as 
director of Development. He holds a 
BS in Hotel Administration from the 
Whittemore School of Business and 
Economics at the University of New 
Hampshire and has 1 8 years of 
alumni relations and development 
experience, including positions 
at Boston University, Lesley 
University and Wheaton College. . . 
Gillian Stanley is Lasell's new 
assistant director of Graduate 
Student Services. Prior to Lasell, 
Stanley was assistant director 
of Academic Advising at Lesley 
University. She holds a BA in 
Communications from Simmons 
College and an MA in Intercultural 
Relations from Lesley University... 
Erin Tracy has joined Plant 
Operations as an administrative 
assistant. She holds a BS in 
Management and Economics from 
Emmanuel College, and her recent 
professional experience includes 
managing An Elegant Affair, a 
Winchester, MA gift shop. . . 
Christopher Troyanos is the new 
head athletic trainer on campus. A 
graduate of Northeastern University 
with a BS in Athletic Training, 
Troyanos was director of Sports 
Medicine at Babson College for 25 
years and, most recently, worked in 
corporate philanthropy at Children's 
Hospital Boston. 


Around the Crow's Nest 

The Donahue Center Rises Up 


The Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts, slated for 
formal dedication in late April, will house state-of-the-art 
classrooms and faculty offices, expanded studio space for the 
Fashion department and become the permanent home of the 
Lasell Fashion Collection. The new arts center — named for Lasel 
alumna Nancy Lawson Donahue '49, 
trustee emerita, who, along with 
her husband, Richard, gave the lead 
gift for the creation of the building — is 
scheduled to open in fall 201 1 . 

In Fashion: With support from Assistant Professor of 
Fashion Anne Vallely, three Lasell students and one alum 
displayed their innovative nontextile designs to warm up 
Peabody Office Furniture's showroom windows near 
Boston's South Station over the winter. 

James Collins photos 









,H II ii * 

fliiii' 1 m 

i - - 




- - 

" " ^3 

• :~im 

'! b ■ Lasell Leaves 'Spring 201 1 


Second Life 

Richard Dodds 

Strategic Researcher Extraordinaire 

Richard Dodds' 
analytical stint in 
the world of real 
estate syndication 
"made large 
numbers not so 
scary." This is a 
good thing from 
Lasell's point of 
view, as his 
statistical savvy 
enabled him to 

shift career gears... and wind up in 

an office at Potter Hall. 

The College's personable and 
popular director of Institutional 
Research landed at Lasell in 2001 
as an interim database contractor, 
went on to become director of the 
RoseMary B. Fuss Technology for 
Learning Center and assistant 
professor of Information Science 
(2002-2008) before moving on to 

his current position in 2008. Not the 
most predictable path for a Williams 
College English major with a master's 
in education from Harvard and 
coursework toward a master's in 
library science from Simmons. 

"I love working at a small college 
that emphasizes the philosophy 
of connected learning," Dodds 
says. "When I was on the faculty 
here, the most rewarding 
teaching moments were ones 
where assignments were 
connected to real-world people 
and problems." 

A typical day on campus for Dodds 
means a lot of time in front of a 
computer. "I pull data out of many 
Lasell systems (Admissions, Financial 
Aid, Registrar, Human Resources, 
Residential Life), cleanse it and 
reassemble it into information for use 
by senior management for strategic 

decision-making," he tells Leaves, 
adding, "I also report out to the 
federal government and to big survey 
companies like U.S. News & World 
Report, Peterson's Guide to Colleges 
and U-Can." 

It's not all about numbers for Lasell's 
premier data specialist, though. The 
Needham resident and father of two 
is a musician (piano, trombone and 
vocals), a mentor ("being a Cub 
Scout leader is a true lesson in kinetic 
energy") and longtime collector of 
candy wrappers (the contents of 
which are enthusiastically shared 
with his campus colleagues). 

The best antidote to such a 
heavy dose of screen time (and 
chocolates)? "I make sure to eat 
lunch at Valentine, so that I can 
keep in practice with speaking 
to humans!" 

Lasell Cooks! Who Knew? 

Fanny Farmer's famed 1896 Boston Cooking- 
School Cook Book is considered a cornerstone 
of American cuisine. But who, exactly, taught 
Fannie Farmer to cook? 

That would be Mary Bailey Lincoln, an instructor 
from 1 886-1 889 at what was then known as 
The Lasell Seminary for Young Women, whose 
Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book was published 
in 1 883 — 1 3 years before the Farmer opus hit 
the presses. 

Last fall, Associate Professor of Art and 
Graphic Design Margo Lemieux and her 
Arts 201 A Drawing II class found connected 
learning inspiration in this historical nugget. 

The result? Lasell Cooks! Homage to the 
Culinary Tradition at Lasell, a handsome, 
spiral-bound compendium of the history of 
Lasell's early 20th-century Domestic Science 
curriculum, interspersed with recipes from 
current faculty and staff. "The students 
did a nice job of connecting many different 
disciplines — drawing, painting, research, 
interviewing, writing and public relations," 
Lemieux says, "and we were able to present 
the proceeds from the sale of the book to 
the Newton Food Pantry." 

For information about Lasell Cooks!, 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Class Act 

Nara Paz '09 

3-2-1 Countdown... 

Nara Paz '09 isn't a merely shining star, she's a 
rocket about to explode. 

As a mature student at Lasell studying Fashion 
Design, Paz dominated the senior runway with 
a collection called Pieces of Me... and she hasn't 
looked back. 

Paz, 38, who comes from humble beginnings 
in the rural village Quarai in Southern Brazil, 
entered Lasell with the purpose of gathering US 

qualifications to meet a specific goal: To become 
a high-end fashion designer. 

"I especially loved the fashion shows [at Lasell.] 
These were venues where I felt I could show what 
I came to Lasell for, and that's what I wanted to 
be good at," says Paz. 

Paz is definitely succeeding. 

The designer, who as a youngster 
once pored over fashions in 
Vogue at street corner 
magazine racks in her 
Brazilian hometown, 
has recently seen a 
string of her own 
professional successes. 

In December 2010, 

Paz dressed Gail Huff, 

a former Boston 

TV personality 

and wife of 

Massachusetts Senator 

Scott Brown, for a 

White House dinner in 

a glittering Nara Paz 

original (see page 10). 

Then, she outfitted 

Huff's and Brown's 

two daughters: Ayla, a 

top-five American 

Idol finalist, 

for an 

event at *•* 


Hall; and 

Arianna, a 

student and 

model, for a high-profile socia 

appearance with her parents. 


Beyond this, Paz was nominated for a Fashion Group 
International "2010 Rising Star Award" in New York 
and recently opened ATELIER, a special personal 
and private service for select fashion clients. 

Oh, and, by the way, she also launched her For the Real 
You Spring 201 1 Collection and is currently 
working with manufacturers in New York. So 
far three boutiques have signed on to carry 
her new line including Anik on Madison 
Avenue, which is opening a couture 
section, Gabrielle in Philadelphia and the 
new Matsu on Boston's Newbury Street. 

"Right now, my focus is selling, marketing, 
getting my clothing to customers and my 
name established, " she tells Leaves. 
"The aim is to become known locally, 
nationally and, eventually, 
internationally for designing 

distinctively different, exquisite, 
signature-tailored ready-to-wear 
dresses, suits, pants and 
blouses, and ultra-refined gowns 
and eveningwear for the 
discerning woman." 

Along the way Paz has 
remained close to 
her Lasell professors, 
even collaborating with 
them on several local 
fashion events — raising 
her profile and that of 
the College. 

I especially loved the fashion shows [at 
Lasell.] These were venues where I felt 
I could show what I came to Lasell for, 
and that's what I wanted to be good at. 

"They have all been wonderfully supportive of me," she says. 

So, what is the big message for up-and-comers currently 
studying in Lasell's famed Fashion Department? 

"For me, it's not losing faith in what I believe I can do and 
believing I am good at it and people will like my designs. 
There is just so much to get done, so you cannot lose faith." 

On the Catwalk: Nara Paz '09 (in hat left 

and kneeling above) with some of her creations. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Giving Back 

Haegan Forrest 

Director of Annual Giving 
and Constituent Relations 

Why Participate? 

"Encouraging alumni and friends to participate in our 
fundraising efforts is a major focus of my role as director 
of annual giving and constituent relations," says Haegan 
Forrest. "Each year Lasell receives gifts of all sizes — and 
we are deeply grateful for every single one. Every gift to 
The Lasell Fund, no matter the amount, increases our 
ability to meet the needs of every student," Forrest says. 
"Over time, as these gifts add up, they have a profound 
impact on the lives and education of all of Lasell's 
students. Please consider participating this year with 
a gift to The Lasell Fund." 

Below, a look at where the Fund stands to date. 

2011 Lasell Fund Goal: $775,000 

Gifts and pledges as of March 31 : $675,534 (87%) 

Average gift from alumni in 201 1 : $1 55 

Number of alumni gifts: 1 ,1 56 

Number of gifts from parents and friends: 396 

New gifts and pledges needed: $99,467 

Alumni participation goal: 16% 

Number of alumni gifts needed to reach 16%: 994 

/ JP 


^fc rv - j* 


7 J ^H' 

Lauren McCauslin 

Associate Director of Alumni 
Relations and Annual Giving 

Calling All Alums 


and Annual Giving has been appointed to fill 
C. Chad Argotsinger's role leading Alumni Relations. 
Argotsinger is moving, on from Lasell to pursue a new 
opportunity in higher education. 

McCauslin joined Lasell's Institutional Advancement 
team in 2010 as assistant director of Annual Giving, 
having previously worked in the Annual Giving office 
at Simmons College, where she managed the phone 
program. A native of Albany, NY with a paralegal and 
nonprofit background, McCauslin holds a BA in 
Political Science from the University of Rochester. In 
announcing McCauslin's new role, Haegan Forrest tells 
Leaves, "Lauren hit the ground running as soon as she 
came on board. She's brought a great deal of energy, 
enthusiasm and renewed vitality to the initiatives she 
has worked on. We look forward to Lauren's 
leadership and,.involvement in Reunion 201 1 ." 

Planning for Reunion 201 1 "is well underway," 
Forrest adds, "and we expect it to be the best reunion 
weekend ever!" For updated, detailed information, 
visit the Reunion 201 1 Web pages at: 

Mark LaFrance 

Director of Development 


As you can see in these pages, there are 
many ways to structure a gift to Lasell that 
matches your passion with your philanthropy. 
Contact us to see if one might meet your 
charitable and financial objectives. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Extra Credit 

Sean Mari '06 MSM 

Lasell Graduate Degree 
'An Asset Moving Forward' 

As of this spring, Lasell's expanding graduate degree enrollment 
will top 170 students. The College offers both 100% online and 
hybrid (online and on-campus) master's programs in Management, 
Sport Management, Communication, Elementary Education and 
Moderate Disabilities, with the Master of Science in Management 
(MSM) the largest group. And new concentrations are being 
considered in Health Care Management, Entrepreneurship, 
Business Administration, Health Communication, Intercultural 
Communication, Fashion and Strength/Conditioning. 

If the trajectory of Master of Science 
in Management alum Sean Mari '06, 

is any indication, the roster of the 
College's graduate alums will be 
peopled by successful professionals. 
After earning a BA in Economics 
from the University of Rhode Island 
in 2004 and a Certificate in Financial 
Services from the University of 
California Berkeley Extension in 2005, 
Mari chose to enroll in Lasell's MSM 
program with an eye toward a career 
in finance and accounting. 

"The hybrid classes allowed a better 
balance for me between work and 

school," the Rochester, NY native says. 
"And the small class size allowed easy 
access to professors, another plus." 

Mari currently is in his second of 
four rotations for the Florida-based 
Harris Corporation's Finance 
Management Rotation Program. 
He's already completed stints in 
Washington, DC and Florida; next 
stops are Hong Kong and Denver. 
And Mari credits his Lasell graduate 
program experience with "preparing 
me well for my current profession 
and as an asset moving forward." 

"My classmates at Lasell were very 
diverse — from recent grads and young 
professionals to individuals with a 


Sean Mari '06: Next stop, Hong Kong. 

decade or more of work experience," 
he tells Leaves. "Such a rich group of 
students allows for many different 
perspectives to be heard, which 
is stimulating." 

Commenting on Mari's success, 
Adrienne Franciosi, director of 
Graduate Admission, says, "Sean is 
one of a growing number of Lasell 
graduate alums who've moved 
forward in their professions with a 
solid foundation. The expansion and 
diversification of offerings at the 
graduate level is central to the growth 
of the College." 

My classmates at Lasell were very 
diverse — from recent grads and young 
professionals to individuals with a 
decade or more of work experience." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Laser Lights 

DI to Dili 

High-School Friends Reunite 
On Lasell's Lacrosse Field 

LAX Life: Dan Clark '13 (L) and Brendan 
Ham '13 on Grellier Field for practice. 

Sometimes it takes a while to find your 
footing at college and determine if 
you've landed in the right place. 

It took Brendan Ham ' 1 3 and Dan 
Clark '13 exactly one year at different 
Division I schools to realize that 
what they wanted was located in 
Auburndale, Massachusetts. It also 
didn't hurt that they were high-school 
friends and lacrosse teammates from 
Scarborough, Maine. 

Ham, 20, and Clark, 19, arrived on 
Lasell's campus in September 201 
after a spring and a summer of 
phone calls and face-to-face talks 
about where they would relocate. 
Clark had already accepted, while 
Ham was still weighing his 
options into mid-summer. 

"I knew I didn't want to be 
where I was," says Ham. "I 
heard Dan was coming here, 

and it looked good. [Plus], 

lacrosse is more fun." 

Ham transferred from the 
University of Maine/Orono, 
where he opted to play 
football rather than lacrosse. 
A season-ending broken 
arm caused him to take 
stock of his school choice 
and sports focus. 

Clark, a former high-school All- 
American, was recruited to play lacrosse 
at Sienna College in New York, where 
he decided to red-shirt as a freshman — 
giving him one more year of eligibility, 
but preventing him from playing in 
any games. 

"I was unlikely to get a lot of playing 
time anyway," he says in a recent 
interview with Leaves. 

Fast forward to spring 201 1 at Lasell 
where the now-roommates practice 
together, lift weights side by side 
and have easily fit into the lacrosse 
team's Division III groove. 

"Everyone is nice and pretty 
welcoming," says Ham. "No one 
is trying to make you an outcast," 
adds Clark. 

Lasell Men's Lacrosse Coach Tim 
Dunton and the rest of the men's 
lacrosse team could not be happier 
with the duo. 

Having come from a Division I 
environment, they know what it 
takes to bring their game to the 
next level. Our team works very 
hard as well, so their work ethic 
fits right in," says Coach Dunton. 
"Dan and Brendan have been 
welcome additions, not only on 
the field, but off the field. They are 
great young men. 

The roommates and teammates 
should have several chances this 
spring to test their skills on the field 
in their new environment — and help 
Lasell realize a winning season. 

Coach Dunton, for one, is excited to 
see what they can do. 

"I can see their camaraderie on the 
field; you can tell that they are close 
friends," he adds. "They fit in great 
with our program, and we are happy 
to have both of them." 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Off and Runninc 

Kayla Vincelette '14 

Fancy Footwork 
On and Off Court 

Shooting Star: Kayla Vincelette '14. 

Quite a stat sheet for the Westport, 
MA native, who began shooting 
hoops at age seven. 

Part of the starting six on the 
varsity court at Westport High 
from day one, Vincelette helped 
lead her high-school team to the 
state tournament all four years 
and garnered a pile of awards 
along the way. Off-season, the 
current Lasell Sport Management 
major played varsity soccer and 
softball throughout high school. 
And when she wasn't working 
up a sweat on one playing field or 
another, Vincelette was refining her 
moves on the dance floor, where she 
competes in tap, jazz, contemporary 
and hip-hop styles. 

Freshman Women's Basketball recruit Kayla Vincelette 
has scored some impressive points in the paint this 
season, averaging 13 per game. As of Leaves' 
mid-March deadline, the 5' 8" guard was leading 
the Lasers in average points scored per game, points 
made this season, field goal percentage, three-point 
shots and free throws. In addition, she'd been 
deemed Rookie of the Week by the Greater Northeast 
Atlantic Conference (GNAC) several times. 

Lasell wasn't the only college to pursue 
the shooting star. In the final analysis, 
she tells Leaves, she opted for 
Auburndale "because of Lasell's great 


My dream job is to work 
for the Boston Celtics in 
an administrative capacity 
or to coach college 
women's basketball. 


location and the opportunities it makes 
available." As for life after Lasell? "My 
dream job is to work for the Boston 
Celtics in an administrative capacity or 
to coach college women's basketball," 

she says. And she may be well on her 
way; last summer, Vincelette worked 
at the Celtics' practice facility in 
Waltham, MA coaching at the 
Youth Basketball Camp; this summer, 
she's hoping to land an internship 
with the team. 

"Kayla has the athletic ability to take 
over basketball games," Coach Carla 
Flaherty tells Leaves, "and I am very 
excited about her potential over the 
course of her collegiate career." 

In other words: Move over, 
Lisa Leslie! 


For the latest Lasell team stats, scores 
and schedules, go to: 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 



at Lasell 

A lot has happened to make Lasell greener in the last 
year. Leaves asked Marc Fournier, assistant director 
of Plant Operations and Sustainability, for a guided 
stroll across campus to showcase our progress. 
Watch your step! 

Holbrook, MA- Lasell Leftovers 
donated 1 ,400 lbs of clothing to 
Big Brother/Big Sister. 

Newton - Lasell donated 
mattresses to The Second 
Step which provides 
transitional housing 
and support to domestic 
violence survivors. 

Haiti - Lasell Leftovers 
donated 700 pounds of fooc 
to post-earthquake Haiti. 

O^ ofs 


\Vw f\y 



Hoag House -The shell was completely 
insulated, heating system replaced. 




Klingbeil House 
-a — * 0- 


— D^u 

The Arnow Campus Center 

d-T"* 5 — Yf 


QS-^ ; 

Lasell Boat House 




The Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts - 

Instead of demolishing the existing barn, it was deconstructed 
and 45 tons of materials were recycled or reused. A significant 
quantity of the recovered materials were transported to the 
ReStore Home Improvement in Springfield, MA. The center was 
constructed under green building criteria. 

- Lasell College (campus-wide) 
GreenLights Project - EcoReps 
provide lighting surveys, 
distributed energy efficient light 
bulbs and educate students, faculty and 
staff on energy efficiency, energy 
consumption reduction and other 
sustainability initiatives. 



Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Boston - Lasell Leftovers donated 250 pounds 
of art and office supplies to Extras for Creative 
Learning for use by teachers in need. 

Lawrence/Lowell area - The College 
donated six tractor-trailer loads of used 
furniture and items to The Wish Project, 
Lowell, MA, for distribution to people in need. 

Blodgett Green 


Hamel House - 

In preparation for renovations, nine mature 
trees were transplanted. Six were relocated 
onsite and three were relocated to the north 
and east sides of Forest Suites on Forest Ave. 


Lasell College (campus-wide) -The College once 
again competed in RecycleMania, a national recycling 
competition for over 600 colleges and universities that 
runs from February through late March. The goal is to 
increase our recycling rate to over 40%. 





6o5 Sooil . 


Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

ftfj'-t Li 

Grellier Field 

Illustration: Eileen Kenneally 


Village Voice 

rr ere s to r aul 




Jazz musician 
Bon vivant 
Passionate progressive 

v r— - 



Signature style back in the day. 



;26 ;. " Leaves • Spring- 2M 



feel like I'm passing the torch 

- Joe Williams on Paul Broadnax 


Jazz musician, gentleman, bon vivant, 
passionate progressive. 

Lasell Village resident Paul Broadnax is all of the 
above — and much more. The retired mechanical 
engineer moved to Seminary Avenue last 
summer with his longtime partner, Caroline 
Schwarz-Schastny, a McLean Hospital 
clinical educator. Together, the couple 
is savoring the diverse mix of residents 
and intellectual spirit of the 
independent living community 
they now call home. 

"What really grabbed us about the 
Village," Broadnax tells Leaves, "is the 
educational component. It's important 
to keep the mind moving." He especially 
enjoys the Village course offerings that focus 
on politics, history and current affairs. "I'm a 
passionate progressive," Broadnax says, smiling 
his signature smile, "and I feel I'm in my comfort 
zone here." 

The Roxbury native's vibrant biography includes 
a childhood spent appreciating and performing 
music (he is the son of two influential Boston 
classical musicians), a stint in the Air Force, 
college at Northeastern University, family years 
raising two sons and a long career at Raytheon. 

Back in the day when his South End chums 
included musicians Roy Haynes, Ray Perry and 
Alan Dawson, Broadnax tells Leaves, Boston 
"resonated with the sound of jazz, and the 

signature smile every day. 

nightclub scene was 

electrifying." Even then, 

Broadnax was known for his 

"King Thing" (Nat Cole's 

singing and playing) and 

the powerful influence 

of vocalist Joe Williams 

(whom he tributed with a 

1996 album, Here's to Joe). 

Broadnax's baritone 

treatment of standards 

has been celebrated for its 

mastery, passion, musicality 

and warmth. His first solo album (It's About 

Time) was followed by a roster of additional 

titles. He has appeared at clubs, festivals and 

concerts in and around New England, was 

named the Boston Musicians' Association "Best 

Musician of 2003" and continues to perform 

regularly at area venues (for a current schedule 

go to 

As Broadnax has downsized and streamlined his 
life (he's gone from driving a Porsche to a Prius, 
from playing a grand piano at home to an 
upright), the octogenarian's priorities remain 
firmly in place: To keep mind and body moving 
and to bring music into as many lives as possible. 
He is committed to a strict exercise regimen, 
private voice lessons and a full calendar of 
live gigs. 

His biggest challenges as a jazz musician 
today? "The same as for any other art form," 
Broadnax sighs. "It takes a lot of discipline 
and understanding to get it right." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Giving Back 

Boardwalk? Park Place? 

Atlantic Avenue! 

The Federal Reserve Bank building on 
Boston's waterfront provided a dazzling 
setting for Lasell's annual Leadership Donor 
Recognition Dinner in October. The view 
from the top floor at sunset made for a 
picture-perfect cocktail hour, while the 
spirited dinner program featured a 
connected learning experience for those 
gathered: "Learning Accounting Using 
Monopoly." In his celebrated adaptation 
of the world's most-played commercial 
board game, Associate Professor of 
Accounting Richard Frederics — Lasell's 
own "Mr. Monopoly" — and his students 
instructed guests on new ways to roll the dice without passing 
"Go." Here, some attendees at the upbeat event. 

Mary Barbara Alexander 

*« "rodent Michael B. Alexander. 

President Emeritus Thomas E.J. de Witt with Overseer 
Joan Patenaude '57 and Dean Patenaude. 

and Jon Bloch 

Urit Chaimovvtz 

Trustees Vice Chair RoseMary Fuss 

and Dan Fuss. Da vid and Jen 


Assistant Professor of Mathematics Neil Hatem 
Danielle Hatem, Wanda Wh.tmore, Trustee Chair 
Enc Turner and Overseer Ann Mignosa <87 

de Witt Named Co-Chair of College's Heritage Society 

President Emeritus Thomas E.J. de Witt has 
joined Lasell Trustee Emerita Lynn Blodgett 
Williamson '46 as honorary co-chair of 
the College's Heritage Society, a giving 
group designed to thank Lasell's planned 
giving donors who support the College 
through gifts by will, charitable annuities 
ind other means. 

asel.rz.eai/es • Spring 201 1 

"I was delighted when President Michael Alexander asked me 
to serve as honorary co-chair," De Witt says. " I look forward 
to working with Michael, the College's staff and Lynn to build 
the membership of this special organization." 

To learn more about championing the next generation of 
Lasell students through the Heritage Society, contact Senior 
Advancement Officer Katharine Urner-Jones '83 at or 617-243-2223. 

SPRING 2011 


Lasell College 

Shining Brightly 

Kayleigh Robertson '10 beams 
at the annual Torchlight Parade, 
a venerable Lasell tradition. . 







Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Class Notes 


In the interest of protecting the privacy of our alumni, it is the policy of the 
Office of Alumni Relations not to divulge contact information. Please use 
the online community,, to search for your classmates. 
The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to the Office of 
Alumni Relations. We are unable to verify the factual content of each entry. 
Submissions printed in this issue were received by February 24, 201 1 . 

Please send your news to: 
Lasell College 

Office of Alumni Relations 
1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02466-2716, or 
e-mail us at 

-i c At 95 years of age, Harriet 
Colwell Reeves is sharp, 
witty and enjoys hearing about Lasell. 

oo Class Secretary 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
81 Woodland Road 
Newton, MA 02466 

Connie Hatch Herron, who lives in 
Maine, feels fortunate that both of her 
children live nearby and that she has 
two grandsons. 

"Keep well and come back for our 75th 
reunion in two years," prompts Faye 
Wadhams Smith. Faye, who lives in 
Connecticut, enjoys bowling and 
volunteer work. She is looking forward 
to attending a wedding in Indianapolis 
in June. 

Class Secretary Arlene Wishart 

Sylvester is excited about two special 
events in her life. "I will be attending 
my 75th high-school reunion in June 
in Barre, VT, and I just welcomed my 
22nd great-grandchild. Maybe 
someday one will attend Lasell!" 
Arlene says, "I would love to hear from 
anybody, anytime. Please call or write." 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

Our sincere condolences to 
Chris Turnbull Buehler on the 

death of her husband in May 2010. 


ac Class Secretary 

Terry Bergeron Hoyt 
8400 Vamo Road, #639 
Sarasota, FL 34231 

Our sincere condolences to Eugenia 
Cooney Glow on the death of her 
sister, Martha Cooney Stuhr '40, 

in February 2010. 

Terry Bergeron Hoyt reports: "I had 
a wonderful time at the Catholic 
Charities Ball at the Ritz Carlton Hotel 
in Sarasota. I even had my picture taken 
with the bishop." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Anne 
"Blakey" Blake Perkins, 
Lynn Blodgett 
Williamson, Joan Hanson Blake or visit 
the website: 


Our sincere condolences to 
Jane Wadhams Hazen on 

the death of her husband, Charles, 
in December 2010. 

B. J. Stephenson Riedel proudly 
appears on the front page of her 
sorority's (Delta Zeta) website 
supporting the group's efforts to go 
green. Check out The Lamp of Delta 
Zeta, Issue 2, 2010 ( 
to see B.J. up front and personal. 

en. Class Secretary 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 
256 South Avenue 
Weston, MA 02493 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian is 

retired and living in South Yarmouth 
on the Cape. She is a volunteer 
driver, transporting seniors to 
various appointments. Margot 
has five grandsons, ages 14-24 years. 

Salem Setting: Marjorie Westgate Doran '37 celebrated her 95th birthday with family and 
friends at a festive dinner party held in her honor at the House of Seven Gables in Salem, MA. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 


nwealth Avenue 
i 02466-2716 

;rence at Lasell College. 
r your support! 

The Lasell Fund 
Lasell College 
1844 Commonw 
Newton, MA 02* 

Class Notes 



l*® 5 ^ 

Anne "Blakey 

Live, Laugh, Love: In October 2010, 
1 2 classmates from the Class of 1 946 
(plus three husbands) met at the Stage 
Neck Inn in Maine for "lively chatter, 
delicious food and much laughter! 
Even after all this time, we still manage 
to get together about four times a year," 
Nan Somerville Blowney tells Leaves. 
"With our 65th reunion coming the 
weekend of June 3-5, 201 1 , we hope 
everyone will get in touch with other 
classmates and join in the fun." 

- Blake Perkins and Pat Corning Jenn.ngs 

Muriel "Moo 

mo ' and Phy,„ s Pa/ge Dowpe ^ 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Class Notes 



If you are interested in sponsoring or helping to organize an alumni event in the 
future, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations, 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Newton, MA 02466-271 6, call 61 7-243-2467 or go online to 

Living in a mobile home park in Athol, 
MA, Cynthia Butler Barnes is a 

member of the Red Hat Society, "a 
global society of women that supports 
and encourages women in the pursuit 
of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment 
and fitness." 

Barbara Chipman Will plays bridge 
and is busy with church and friends. 

Mary Louise Dunham Weyand is 

dealing with a broken shoulder. 
However, when she is feeling well, 
you will find her volunteering at the 
local hospital thrift shop and playing 
mah Jong. 

Pat Graham Gordon lives in a 
retirement condo in Falmouth, MA, 
where she serves on the condo 
board and plays bridge and Scrabble. 
Pat enjoys her family of four 
children, 15 grandchildren and 
two great-grandchildren. 

Living in New York City, Barbara Miller 
Margolis is retired. She spends 

summers in the Berkshires. Barbara 
keeps in touch with Mary Jane 
Corrallo Noel, Joan Dorau Hohorst 
and Tillie Shaw Skinner. 

Class Secretary Marni Nahigian 
Sarkisian says she is never bored. 
She volunteers with the Gideon 
International Ministry, which is 
dedicated to Bible distribution, plays 
bridge, visits her son in Waltham and 
dines out five nights a week. 

Living in a retirement community in 
Hanover, PA, Chris Oliveto Davis 

enjoys water aerobics and book club. 

Doris Pinkham Collins says, 

"I volunteer at an art museum, 

have two grandchildren and enjoy life." 

Joan Robilotto Gibson's children 
threw her an 80th-birthday party. 
She travels to Tokyo to visit her 
daughter and son-in-law. 

Roommates Reunited: In September, Diana Hendley Cooper '55 and Joan Murano 
Swanson '55, former Lasell roommates and friends for the past 55 years, met in Lenox, MA 
to celebrate their birthdays. Along with their husbands, they enjoyed a stay at a B&B, visits to 
area attractions and reminiscing about their College years. (L to R) Gordon Cooper, Diana 
Hendley Cooper, Joan Murano Swanson, Ken Swanson. 

Ruth Rosebrock Tobias lives in a 
retirement community in Silver Spring, 
MD. She enjoys singing in the chapel 
choir. Ruth's grandson graduated from 
the United States Naval Academy, and 
Ruth is looking forward to his wedding. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator M. Elaine 
Qavillon Tull or visit 

"My biggest news is a great- 
granddaughter due in June," 
announces Kathleen Ballard Heck. 

"But I can't be that old!" Kathleen 
enjoys classical music concerts. "We get 
to Tanglewood for a long weekend in 
the summer, enjoy concerts at Carnegie 
Hall and go to hear The Philadelphia 
Orchestra." On another note, Kathleen 
is looking forward to the Lasell reunion 
this June. 

Our sincere condolences to Janet 
Underwood Wall on the death of her 
husband in October 2010. 

o Class Secretary 

Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 
PO Box 492 

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557-0492 
(temporary phone number) 
508-693-2673 (summer) 

Louise Crank Graham has been living 
in Wayne, PA for the past 30 years. She 
has four children. 

Class Secretary Shirley Gibbons San 

Soucie enjoys living in the historical 
family home on Martha's Vineyard in 
the summer. She spends time antiquing 
and visiting flea markets. Shirley has 
three children, four grandchildren and 
three greats. 

Cynthia Lincoln McElhinney lives in 
Lakeland, FL. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

From Texas to Idaho to North Carolina, 
Judy Robinson Andrews has finally 
settled down. She is living near her 
daughter and granddaughter in 
Youngsville, NC. 

Mary Wiedenmayer McCarthy is 

widowed and living in New Jersey. She 
volunteers at the local food bank and 
has four children. Her son, Kevin, is in 
the military in Afghanistan. 


Writing for Lasell College 

publications is one of the 
reasons Judy Bowen Horky gives for 
reaching toward her future goals. 
Judy's new book, Soul Shift — 2072 and 
Beyond has just been published. It is 
described as fantasy/visionary fiction 
and an adventure story. Check out 

An update from Valerie Montanez 
Barto: "I am living in West Palm Beach, 
FL and loving it. I now have 1 1 
wonderful grandchildren. I miss my 
Lasell buddies, so please give me a call 
at 561-865-1065. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Diane 
Jacobson Rosenberg, 
Peggy Schwingel 

Kraft or visit the website: 

s-r\ Class Secretary 

Faith Bowker-Maloney 
10 Village Lane 
Scituate, MA 02066-1231 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Laura Jensen 
or visit the website: 

The Office of Alumni Relations wishes 
Wendy Wolfenden a speedy recovery. 

Classmates, school mates, all — as the school 
year rolls on — paper after paper succeeds 
each other, shall we at least lay down for 
golden sheaves, nothing but leaves. 

This quote from 1875 is believed to have inspired the titling of Lasell's first 
student publication, The Leaf. Exactly when and how The Leaf morphed 
into Leaves is unclear. What is clear is that in 1946, Leaves became an 
alumni publication, which it remains today. The rest, as they say, is history. 

rr) Our sincere condolences to 
Karen Smith Grover on the 
death of her mother, Janet Whitten 
Smith '39, in July 2010. 


Our sincere condolences to 
Claire Lipton Zimmers on 

the death of her husband, Mel, 
in December 2010. 

Bette Linger Kiernan represented 
Lasell College recently at the 
presidential inauguration at Saybrook 
University in San Francisco which 
she describes as "a remarkable 
event with excellent speakers and 
a lovely luncheon." 

s-a The Alumni Office thanks 
Jinny Schmidt Panton for 

representing Lasell College at the 
presidential inauguration at Webster 
University in St. Louis, MO. 

In 2009, Nancy Zigo Bush retired after 
a 35-year sales career in the contract 
furniture industry. She has one son who 
teaches high-school biology. "I came 
back to visit Lasell in 2000. What 
changes! In the area of romance," 
Nancy adds, "I have been in a 
wonderful, loving relationship for more 
than 15 years." 


Class Secretary 

Susan Constantine Buonocore 
19027 Stone Brook 
Chapel Hill, NC 27517 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Barbara 
Caron MacLean or 
visit the website: 

/-o Class Secretary 

Cindy Rardin Crawford 
2292 Community Center Road 
St. Thomas, PA 17252 

"Retirement is not in my vocabulary," 
states Cindy Dowd Wallace. Cindy is 
a program coordinator of Easter Seals 
New Hampshire. She consults and 
trains childcare providers. "However," 
Cindy admits, "The best part of life is 
being a grandmother to William who is 
a toddler and a delight." Cindy's mom, 
Edythe MacDonald Dowd '40, lives 
close by and is doing well. 

From Westport, MA, Heather Heath 

Reed sends an update: "I work 
part-time in an assisted-living facility. 
However, my primary focus is as chair 
for the Westport Council on Aging. 
We recently opened a food pantry that 
services over 50 people." In her spare 
time Heather teaches an osteoporosis 
prevention exercise class and 
volunteers at the local library. She is 
happy that all three of her children live 
on the east coast. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Class Notes 

Laptops Rule 

With Lasell College 
now comfortably 
co-ed, Leaves thought 
it might be interesting 
to poll female and male undergrads 
about their Top 10 "musts" for 
dormitory living. Our unscientific 
survey proved revealing. 

The results: 

x Laptop 

2 Fridge/microwave 

3 Bamen noodles 

5. iP° d 

6 . Makeup 

7 Clothing 

l Brt» water ffl»» 


1. Laptop 

2. Fridge 

3. Ramen noodles or chips 

4. stereo/sound system^ 

5. Sports/celebrity posters 

6 Furniture (including 

favorite tattered old chair) 

7. iPod 

8. TV 

9. Leatherman multi-tool 

10. Cell phone 

Edie Hogsett Whitney is retired 
and loving it. She takes classes at 
the Danforth Museum of Art in 
Framingham and belongs to a knitting 
group of 12 women whose purpose is 
to knit pieces for charity. Recently they 
donated 500 items. Edie and her 
husband took a Caribbean cruise in 
January and are planning a vacation to 
the national parks in Utah to celebrate 
their 40th anniversary. 

From Minnesota, Laurie Kanters 

Micheau sends an update: "I am 
hoping to retire this fall. My life is 
full of activities. My biggest joy is my 
seven grandchildren. My husband, 
Randy, and I will be celebrating our 
20th anniversary this year. While he 
was diagnosed with lung cancer 1 5 
months ago, he is doing well." Laurie 
continues, "It is hard to believe we are 
entering the golden years. Where does 
the time go? I send my best to all my 
Lasell friends and hope we will see each 
other at the next reunion — 45 years 
in 2013! 

In October, after 45 years, Cindy 
Rardin Crawford retired as circulation 
supervisor from the Needham (MA) 
Public Library. Cindy and her husband 
quickly sold their home and moved to 

St. Thomas, PA to be closer to one of her 
sons. Cindy just became a grandmother 
and is planning a trip to see her 
grandson in Boca Raton. Her oldest son 
just announced that in September she 
will be a grandmother again. Cindy's 
mother, Ruth Fulton Rardin '40, who 
lives in Orlando, FL, is thrilled with her 
new great-grandchild and "looking 
forward to the next one on the way." 

Jodi Shattuck Wilson is retired and 
enjoying life in central New Hampshire. 
She is the grandmother of two. Jodi 
would love to hear from other 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Carol Goulian 
Stewart, Kathy Johnston 
Berardi or visit: 

rjry Class Secretary 

Bonnie Berman Wugman 
53 Edward Drive 
Stoughton, MA 02072 

June Wedding: Hillary Roth 72 married Bruce Goemaat in June 2010 at the Basking Ridge 
Country Club in New Jersey. "It was a great day," Hillary says. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Twenty-five Years Later: 

Mimi DePonte Levine, 
Jill Blanchard Sommer 
and Eileen Clifford-Ezepik, 
classmates from 1985, 
reconnect at Reunion 2010. 

smI B^ ' 

The Alumni Office thanks Gail Caruso 
for representing Lasell College at the 
presidential inauguration at Husson 
University in Bangor, ME. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Allison 
Hague Sargent or 
visit the website: 

Julia Davis Butters has moved 
back from California and is living in 
Atkinson, NH. She would love to 
reconnect with New England 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Mandi 
Bulette Coakley or 
visit the website: 

Class Secretary 

"*^ Jill Blanchard Sommer 
501 E 87th Street, # 2H 
New York, NY 10128 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Josie Bonilla 
Barayuga or visit 

Jennifer Leonard says: "I am currently 
residing in West Milford, NJ with my 
five-year-old son. I am an artist and 
create as often as I can. Life gets better 
with age. I would love to hear from any 
classmates. "; 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
Deena Leiderman, 
Jennifer A. Bronson Squires 
or visit 


An update from Tori Mayo 
Supernaugh: "I am a 
preschool teacher living in Burlington, 
CT for the past eight years. I am 
married and have two children, 
Colby, 14 and Katrina, nine. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Leigh-Ann 
Murphy Appiani, 
Angela Pica or visit 

Class Notes 

go Heather Bohn Harada is 

back in New England after 
a two-year stint in Honolulu. Heather 
says she missed the seasons, and she 
and her family relocated back to 
Heather's home state of New Hampshire 
in July 2010. Daughter Lilly is now 
seven; and husband, Nori, is a chef. 
Heather continues, "I miss my alumni 
board chums. Please keep in touch! Mahalo!" 

r\r\ Class Secretary 

Erin Andrews 
99 Oak Street 

Middleborough, MA 02346 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Lesbie Perez 
Brambler, Jinette Dumont 
Chapman, Brittany Jackson 

Fevrier, Maggie Joseph Pierre or visit 

Honored Guest: Lawens Fevrier '02 (right) was 
a special guest at Gustavo Batista's '02 wedding 
to Marilu Carvalho in Brazil in November 2010. 
Gus says, "After so many years, our College 
friendship continues to grow." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 


Making Waves in Florida: Fashion Design and Production major Fallon 
Coster '1 1, Communication major Kimberly Hooper '1 1 and Hospitality 
and Event Management alum Andrew Mayer '10 "made waves" at 
February alumni events in Naples and Palm Beach, sharing updates 
about how they are moving forward in their respective fields of study. 

New York State of Mind: Liz Huston '07, Victoria Zaleski '09 and Carol 
Bynoe '06 joined a casual reception for alums, parents and friends in the 
metro NY area, where those gathered got updates about Lasell today from 
President Michael B. Alexander and Fashion Department Chair Mary 


On a Monday in January 201 1 , 
Anthony Scarsella appeared 
on Boston's WBZ-TV to explain how 
his company ( works. 
"There are a lot of folks out there with 
last year's iPod, phone or video game 
taking up space in a junk drawer or 
collecting dust. Gazelle is a website that 
will buy back used electronics for cash. 
All you have to do is answer a few 
quick questions." 

After five years at Fidelity Investments, 
I made a career change and switched 
over to the nonprofit world," says 
Ashley Seybold. "I am now an 
associate director for Jumpstart for 
Children and oversee recruiting, talent 
development and the alumni program. 


Chantel Daley '05, MSM '07 

is an account support associate 
for Ernst & Young. She also works 
part-time for DSW Shoe Warehouse 
in Dedham, MA. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator John "Colby" 
Gorniewicz or visit 
the website: 

r\r Amanda Wasowski writes, "I 
graduated from Case Western 
Reserve University's Mandel School of 
Applied Social Sciences with a master's 
of Social Science Administration in 
May 2009. I am now a social worker 
on the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 
Unit at Rainbow Babies & Children's 
Hospital in Cleveland." 


Marisa Esposito is a first- 
grade teacher at a private 
school in Waltham, MA. Marisa is 
pursuing a master's degree in the 
Language and Literacy program at 
Framingham State University. 

Cathee Hill is studying for a master's 
degree in Global and International 
Education from Drexel University. 
She tells Class Notes, "I'm excited 
to continue my education and focus 
on international education within 
higher education." 

no Ivy Kemp Marinelli is 

pursuing a master's in Health 
Care Administration at Regis College 
in Weston, MA. 

In September, Donna Mclntyre began 
a master's program to become a nurse 
practitioner at the Massachusetts 
General Hospital Institute of Health 
Professions. She says, "I am thrilled 
to be a part of this prestigious and 
rigorous program! I have chosen 
the acute care track and look 
forward to working in either the 
hematology/oncology or trauma unit." 

r\Q Class Secretary 

Katelyn Hammond 
9 Old Village Drive 
Salem, MA 01970 

Nominated to the Peace Corps, 
Megan Conley is anxiously awaiting 
word of her acceptance. If so, she will 
leave for Africa in June to teach English 
and HIV/AIDS awareness. 

In February, Rachel Craft traveled 
four hours south of where she lives 
in Apopka, FL to attend a Lasell 
alumni event at Shula's Steak 
House in Naples, FL. 


Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 1 

Class Notes 

"I recently began a new journey at 
Lasell," writes Michelle Krasodomski. 

"I was hired as the administrative 
assistant for the Fashion and 
Communication Departments. I'm 
excited to be part of the Lasell 
community once again, in a new way. " 

An update from Kayla McKenna: "I'm 

working as a graphic designer/project 
manager at Flagraphics in Somerville. 
I am also an assistant coach for the 
Lasell women's cross country team. 
Yeah, life!" 

"The New York Mets promoted me to 
the new position of supervisor of Citi 
Field Ballpark Tours in May 2010," 
writes Ben Segal. "The tours are a 
huge success and have sold out almost 
every day that they have been offered. 
While the position is part-time, if they 
get budget approval for a full-time 
position, I have been told that the job 
is mine." 

Katie Schumitz is teaching at the 
Lasell College child study center. 
The Barn, while pursuing a master's 
in Sport Management at Lasell. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Samantha 
Plack or visit the website: 

Class Secretary 

Heather Obion 
190 Tulip Drive 
Meriden, CT 06450 

Kara Cooledge started graduate 
school at Lasell College in January. 
She says, "I will be working toward my 
master's in Elder Care Administration. 
I look forward to being back in school 
and continuing my education." Kara 
works at Lasell Village, splitting her 
time between Lasell House and 
Resident Services. 

"After graduating from Lasell I knew 
I wanted to further my education. 
I will finish my master's in Project 
Management at Lasell in spring 2011," 
writes Danielle DiTommaso 

I am... 

Shore Thing: Danielle DiTommaso '10 and 
fiance Anthony DiCesare set a wedding 
date of December 201 1 . Danielle will be 
completing her master's degree in Project 
Management at Lasell this spring. 

Kayleigh Robertson recently joined 
Currier & Associates, Inc. as a 
marketing/communications specialist. 
Currier is an independent interior 
design firm in Newburyport, MA. 

Casey Rich '07 

• A researcher at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 

• An artisan and knitter 

• An adventurous home cook 

• A fan of live music 

• A new donor to The Lasell Fund 

Whatever milestone you've marked lately, your alma mater 
would like to know. E-mail us! 

alumni@lasell . edu 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Nota Bene 


Lindsey Klier '04 to Craig Barrett 
Rachel Craft '09 to Mickey Howard 
Katelyn Hammond '09 to James Lincoln 


Hillary Roth '72 to Bruce Goemaat 
on June 19, 2010 

Gustavo Batista '02 to Marilu Carvalho 
on November 20, 2010 

David Mclnnis '03 to Jessica Schultz 
in November 2010 

Danielle Grethel '06 to Mitch Phillips '04, 
MSM'06 on August 28, 2010 

Sarah Armstrong '07 to Justin Woodside 
on June 19, 2010 

Heather Daigle '07 to Matthew Kopcza 
in October 2010 


Breeanna Barnes Beaupre '03 and 
Matthew Beaupre '03, a daughter, 
Ava Lillian, on August 31, 2010 

Melissa Pante Leger '03 and Chris Leger '03, 

a daughter, Giovanna, on December 16, 2010 


Alyce Quinn Hoffman '33 

Elizabeth Swift Coyle '33 

Ruth Vassar Bailey '33 on December 6, 2009 

Carol Morehouse Jones '34 on January 7, 2010 

Bettina Potter Jeffrey '34 on October 1 1 , 2010 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers '36 on February 2, 201 1 

Gladys Packer Sugarman '36 

Hilda Theurer Guidrey '36 

on December 13, 2010 

Uretta Shultz Stewart '38 on August 24, 2010 
Virginia Bowen Riordan '39 on August 1 5, 2007 

Martha Bryant Waldorf '39 

on September 20, 2010 

Doris Huntington Manning '39 

on January 3, 201 1 

Janice Marr Demer '39 
Shirley Robins Lipkin '39 
Betty Wallace White '39 on January 1 3, 201 1 
Janet Whitten Smith '39 on July 22, 2010 
Nancy Bailey Black '40 on September 23, 2010 
Martha Cooney Stuhr '40 on February 23, 2010 
Catherine Carter Ackerman '41 
Dorothy Welch Taylor '41 

Constance Engel Pedersen '42 

on November 1 1, 2010 

Nina Hobson Mellor '42 on January 19, 201 1 

Barbara Bradley Gallagher '43 

on February 17, 2011 

Rosalie Paddison Wentworth '44 

in November 2009 

Sally Breckenridge Platner '46 

on June 17, 2010 

Lois Kimball '46 

Sarah Myers McCormick '46 

on December 17, 2010 

Claire Stolzenberg Manger '46 

Connie Wilbur Starr '46 on October 24, 2010 

Therese Deneen Boyce '47 

on November 27, 2010 

Mary Detwiler Eicker '48 in June 2009 
Jackie Pfeiffer Lueth '48 on November 1, 2010 
Emma Reed Dunham '48 on October 21, 2010 
Sally Priestman Costa '49 on February 3, 201 1 
Jean Russell Everson '49 on March 20, 2010 
Eleanor Barton '50 on December 29, 2010 

Mary Ellen Edmonds Golden '50 

on February 4, 201 1 

Joan Hahn Fern '50 on August 23, 2010 

Dorothy Tomer Monahan '50 

Joan LeFrank '51 on November 26, 2010 

Judith Macalister Gibson '51 

Mary Catherine Vogler Greene '51 

Joanne Monahan Garrity '51 in March 201 1 

Shirley Boothby LeBarge '52 

on November 29, 2010 

Nancy Marcus Golden '52 on March 5, 2010 
Dyane Deckinger Rabin '53 

Marlene Haake Brainard '54 

on August 26, 2010 

M. Lorraine Riley Crahan '54 

on December 23, 2010 

Sara Rojas Casarella '54 

on September 10, 2010 

Rosalyn Simons Daitch '54 

on October 3, 2010 

Elaine Gaysunas Coppinger '55 

on October 13, 2010 

Nancy Vieweger Ferguson '56 

on March 3, 2010 

Carol Juechter Dixon '57 on March 4, 2010 
Carol Palmgren Link '57 in April 2009 
Janet Buck Cole '58 

Maureen Sullivan Henderson '59 

on December 17, 2005 

Joyce DeAndrus Holzman '60 

on January 6, 201 1 

Barbara Farnsworth Fairburn '60 

Jerilynn Tordoff Flagg '61 on February 21,2011 

Eileen Sadoif '62 

Nancy Still '62 

Marion Bishop Kersh '64 on December 31, 2010 

Eleanor Fee Hebner '65 

Linda Dember '69 on December 19, 2009 

Daragh Casey Shannon '75 on October 15, 2010 

Nancy Starefos, former nursing faculty, on 
November 27, 2010 

38 Lasellzl^ves • Spring 201 1 

It's a Family Affair 

When Tami Bettcher Walker '78 studied at Lasell College, it 
was a two-year women's school. She loved her experience then 
and was delighted when her daughter, Caitlyn M. Walker '10, 

decided it was the school for her as well. 

Today, both mother and daughter are actively involved in 
supporting their alma mater. 

An Overseer since 2008, Tami is co-chair of the Lasell Parent 
Committee. "I'm happy that Lasell has been able to grow 
and retain the qualities that made it so special when I was an 
undergraduate," the Middlebury, CT resident says. "I'm proud 
of the quality education that Lasell is providing for its students, 
and I'm also very enthusiastic about the direction the school is 
going in with Michael Alexander at the helm." 

The Lasell Fund is Lasell's annual 
giving program that encourages 
alumni, parents and friends of the 
College to support today's students 
with a gift to the school. Visit, 
or contact Ha eg an Forrest, director 
of Annual Giving and Constituent 
Relations, at or 
617.243.2165 to learn how you can 
make a difference. 

■ Lasell's internship program 

provided me with the confidence 
and experience I needed. 1 

"As a leadership donor," Tami adds, "I feel I'm making a significant 
impact on the lives of today's Lasell students, ensuring that they have 
the same strong foundation that Lasell has provided for generations. 
And I recognize the responsibility of carrying the legacy of Lasell 
College into the future. " 

Caitlyn, who captained Lasell's field hockey team as an undergrad, 
represented the College on the Northeast Atlantic Conference 
All-Conference field hockey team, was a recipient of the 
Lasell Book and spent a semester abroad at Wallongong 
University in Australia. She graduated in 2010 with a major in 
Communication and now lives and works at the Westover School in 
Middlebury, CT, where she is an Admissions staffer, dorm parent and 
three-sport coach. 

A former intern with the New England Patriots, she currently is part of 
the New York Jets organization's game day and event staff. "Lasell's 
internship program provided me with the confidence and experience 
I needed to succeed in the sports business field," Caitlyn tells Leaves. 
"I decided to support The Lasell Fund to give back to the school that 
I was fortunate enough to benefit from." 

Paper from 
responsible sources 

FSC* C002933 

Leaves is printed on paper composed 
of 30% post-consumer waste with a 
total recycled content of 55%. 

sell College Green Campus Initiativ 
ngle-stream recycling allows students, faculty 
id staff to recycle most of their waste, all 
within one bin! In the first three months of 
, u earn recycling on campus, four tons of waste were 
saved from the landfill. You can help the Lasell College 
Green Campus Initiative by registering for Reunion 
Weekend 201 1 online. Every step matters in reaching our 
goal, no matter how small! 

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